Harvard & Other Certificates


Gain the expertise to navigate a constantly evolving professional landscape and advance your career at your own pace. Study with expert faculty practitioners from colleges across our innovative university. Our flexible, affordable online certificates are designed to fit around your busy schedule:

Multi length programs available throughout the year
Flexible formats – online or on campus / campus comes to you
Small class sizes and direct interaction with faculty and peers
Project-based learning, focused on developing real-world skills
Application required

Harvard Certifications

Our Harvard certificate course are carefully designed to encourage all round development through case study discussions, small-group projects. These certifications will equip you with the skills, confidence, and strategies required to expand their knowledge and expertise.


Business Case Development

Business Plan Development

Career Management

Change Management


Crisis Management

Customer Focus

Decision Making


Developing Employee

Developing Employee

Digital Intelligence

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Ethics at Work

Feedback Essentials

Finance Essentials

Full Suite

General Management

Global Collaboration

Goal Setting


Innovation and Creativity

Innovation Implementation

Leading People

Leveraging Your Networks

Managing Your Boss

Marketing Essentials

Meeting Management


Performance Appraisal

Performance Measurement

Persuading Others

Presentation Skill

Process Improvement

Project Management

Retaining Employee

Strategy Planning and Execution

Strategy Thinking

Stress Management

Team Creation

Team Management

Writing Skills

Other Certifications


3 Month Certifications

The courses for each of these certificate gives you the opportunity to gain a currently relevant background for a field or profession of your choice. They help learners to become progressive and successful business leaders.

Other Certifications

6 Month Certifications

Access best-in-class tools and frameworks through our 6 month certificates which provides the real-world tools and strategies needed to excel in decision-making, implementation, organizational learning and change management.


Other Certifications

  • - 6 Months Advanced Certificate
  • - 3 Months Certificate

Account Management




Analytics Cyber Security

Cloud Computing


Customer Relationship Management

Cyber Security

Digital Forensic

Digital Marketing

Digital Ready Manager

Digital Transformation

Financial Management

First Time Manager

Health and Safety

Information Security


International Manager

International Market & Audiences


Marketing & Brand Management

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics & Customer Valuation

Marketing Research

Marketing Research & Data Analytics

Middle Manager

Network Administration

Networking & Telecommunications

Operations Management

Personal Financial Management

Professional Sales – Channel Sales/ Field Sales

Project Management

Senior Manager

Software Engineering

Supply Chain Management

Total Quality Management