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Financial assistance is available to help you fund your education, thereby simplifying the process of investing in the future. Our counsellors are ready to work with you to make a viable and affordable financial plan, help you to understand our program fee and expenses and discover a range of financial aid programs and cost-saving options you may qualify for. Financial aid includes loans, scholarships and work study modules. To simplify the financial aid application process, KKMU has provided an overview to guide you along the way. Application deadlines vary based on the type of aid for which you are applying. Note the varying deadlines and give yourself enough time to collect required documentation.

Bank Loans

Bank Loans

If you are looking to fill the gap between need-based financial aid and total educational costs, student loans can be a great option for you. Most banks in the country offer attractive education loans for students. For the benefit of prospective students at KKMU, we have tied up with Axis Bank and ICICI Bank. Contact an admission counsellor at for more details.

Guidance Note For Students Opting For Bank Loans

Students have the discretion of opting for educational bank loans. We have an arrangment with Axis Bank and ICICI Bank and the sole purpose of this arrangment is to facilitate prospective students. KKMU has also registered on Vidyalakshmi Portal. Students are free to approach any other bank The relationship of borrower & bank is independent and KKMU has no intervention/ interest in the arrangement.

Eligibility Criteria of Education Loan

Secured admission to a College / University
For higher education in India / Abroad
Student should be an Indian national
From the branch nearest to the domicile of student
Rate of interest
Range from 8.80% to 14 %
Eligibility Criteria of Education Loan

* Repayment starts from the month of disbursement of loan.

Amount of Loan

Below -Rs. 4 lakh –without margin money*
Above- Rs. 4 lakh-with margin money *

*Margin money is discretion of bank depending on the strength of the case. Margin requirement can be fulfilled by surrendering NSC/FDRs/LICs / Shares/Bonds/Units/ House documents.

Purpose of Loan

Tuition fee
Hostel charges
Library fee
Any other purpose attached to education

Tenure/ Repayment of Loan

60 months after 6 months of completion of course and getting a job whichever is earlier 1% interest waiver in case interest is paid/ serviced during the course duration)

Documentation requirement

Photograph of borrower/ co-borrower
Age proof (Birth certificate)
Copies of educational qualification (X onwards)
Residence/ address proof
Details of co-borrower
Form 16/ Salary slip of co-borrower
Bank statement of last 6 months
Loan application form of the bank
Affidavit to bank that no other loan or loan for similar purpose has been taken from other banks (Bank format to be used)
Fees schedule of the Institute


We believe meritorious, talented and hardworking students should be amply rewarded and should not face any hindrances in their quest for higher education. Thus scholarships are provided to outstanding students besides medals, awards and certificates.

Contact admission counsellor at for more details.

Bank Loans


Our scholarships reflect our commitment of ensuring that no deserving student is denied access to education because of their personal financial constraints. The financial aid awarded by our university will bridge the gap between the parents’/students affordability and the cost of education. Financial aid comprises need-based and some merit-based scholarships. The regulations governing these scholarships can be amended from time to time.

The scholarship will be applicable for the 1st year of tuition fee only. The availability of scholarships in different slabs is as follows:

Basis of Scholarship Program Eligibility Scholarship %age on 1st year tuition fee
Marks in qualifying exam (12th score for UG & Graduation Score for PG) All UG & PG Programs 75% & above 100%
70 to 74.99% 75%
65 to 69.99% 50%
60 to 64.99% 25%

Conditions to be fulfilled to avail On-Admission merit-based scholarship:

  • Aggregate of all marks in qualifying exam will be considered.
  • The candidate should have passed all subjects.
  • KKMU reserves the right to withdraw/cancel the scholarship awarded if the candidate is found ineligible at any time.
  • On-Admission Merit scholarship for UG/ PG programs is applicable to students from any recognized board.
  • Regulations governing these scholarships can be amended from time to time.

Procedure for Grant of Merit Scholarship

This scholarship shall be granted at the time of admission. The Registrar department shall verify the mark sheets to ascertain the category under which a student falls and then will obtain prior sanction of the competent authority (VC / Campus Director) for grant of Scholarship under the category based on the prescribed level of Percentage / Grades. Scholarships will be awarded on Tuition Fees only.

The academic performance of a student shall be the sole criteria for the continuation of the scholarship. At the end of each year of the program, a student will continue to be eligible for a scholarship on the criteria mentioned below:

For 2nd Year Onwards Students

Basis of Scholarship Program Eligibility Scholarship % on tuition fee
CGPA in qualifying exam (1st /2nd / 3rd year of Program) All UG / PG / Integrated Programs 9.01 & above 100%
8.51 to 9.0 75%
8.01 to 8.50 50%
7.5 to 8.0 25%

Above CGPA will be measured on a scale of 10.

  • At the end of a year, if a student is not able to score the required CGPA to be eligible for the scholarship amount granted at the time of admission, the student will be eligible for the lower scholarship amount (if available) for the following year subject to fulfilment of other conditions laid down under these guidelines.
  • Such student may again on the improvement of performance at the end of subsequent year, becomes eligible for scholarship amount as per the above guidelines.
  • Students must adhere to all fee deposit deadlines else they would not be considered eligible for any scholarship.
  • The candidate should have passed all subjects.
  • For 3rd and 4th Year Students will get the scholarship only if Internship’s employer gives feedback of willing to hire to Academic Department.
  • For MBA Students will get the scholarship only if Internship’s employer gives feedback of willing to hire to Academic Department.
  • Any Alumni student applying for higher program will fall under Continuation of Merit Scholarship.
  • KKMU reserves the right to withdraw/cancel the scholarship awarded if the candidate is found ineligible at any time.
  • Regulations governing these scholarships can be amended from time to time.

University also offers 15% scholarship on the First-year tuition fee on registration done before 30th June 2023.

20% Scholarship on Tuition fee for the Entire Program:

Scholarship % of Scholarship on Tuition Fee Documents Required
Sibling 20% Affidavit from Parents
Single Girl Child 20% Affidavit from Parents
Group Company Employees 20% Letter from HR
Employees of Navratna Company and units of SAIL 20% Letter from HR
Serving and Ex-Service Personal of (Army, Navy, Air Force) Including Central Para Military Forces. 20% ID / Dependent Card
Principal’s Nominee (One Student each) 20% Letter from Principal
SC/ST/OBC 20% Certificate issued by Govt Agencies

Regulations governing these scholarships can be amended from time to time.
Maximum permissible Scholarship that can be offered to any student who is eligible for one or more of the above scholarship categories (as mentioned in Sections A, B, C & D) is capped at 100% of the Tuition fee.

The scholarship shall be withdrawn at any time during a program, from the date as approved by the competent authority (Not below Registrar), under the following conditions:

  • The student is not able to secure the prescribed CGPA in the program as mentioned in the conditions for the continuation of the scholarship.
  • The student is found to have adopted unfair means in examinations or has been debarred from appearing in the examinations.
  • During the continuation of the scholarship, the Head of the institution/Department reports that the student has been charged with misconduct, misbehaviour, gross indiscipline, the incident of ragging, use of drugs or narcotics etc.
  • The student does not pay the Full semester fee before the due date (i.e.15 days prior to Semester)
  • The Vice-Chancellor may however review such withdrawal in exceptional cases.

Ways to Reduce Tuition

Transfer Of Credits/Lateral Entry

Prior Learning Assessment

Earn While You Learn Co-Op Program

Education Loan