Innovative Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

Innovative Curriculum

At KKMU, we continuously develop and update our degree programs with inputs from industry leaders. This helps you to gain skills and access to technology from today's top employers. As a result of our educational partnerships with you will not only sharpen your skills but also stay up-to-date on the latest practices and developments in your chosen field.

What Sets Our Degree Apart

What Sets Our Degree Apart

The Liberal Arts and Science curriculum develops skills and approaches to knowledge and engages you in the intellectual work of the disciplines in a variety of fields across the arts and sciences.

A Major allows you to specialize in an area of your choice. Students choose focused areas of study of their choice.

Free Electives give you the freedom to pursue interests that may lie outside the major and that extend beyond those addressed in the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum.

Internships with industry is a mandatory feature of all degrees.

The combination of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Major, Free Electives and internships ensure that our graduates are well-rounded career-ready professionals and entrepreneurs.

Experiential Learning

60% Practical Learning

Every course involves

Group Project
Group Activities​
Case Study/Simulations​
LMS Discussion​

40% Lecture & Discussion​

Experiential Learning

Career Focused University With A Soul

Career Focused University

We are a career focused university with a soul based on 3 Key Principals which comprises of taking the learning out of the classroom, linking the power of entrepreneurship with passion and compassion and self knowledge.

We ensure that liberal/holistic courses are an important part each of our degrees. These enriching courses ensure that each of you acquire well rounded holistic education:

Critical Thinking and Design Thinking skills
Soft-skills such as Written and Verbal Communication and Personality Development
Bhagvad Gita, Happiness and other Life Long Skills for learning

Knowledge Partners

Degrees With KK Modi University

Our collaboration with creates industry-leading platforms that enable digital reinvention and position you to thrive in the era of Hybrid Multicloud, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML), Cyber Security and BFSI.