Hochshule Luzern


Hochshule Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts Switzerland

Founded in 1997 under the Interactional Council of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Central Switzerland. It is the largest educational institution in Central Switzerland's. The university has over 6,500 students in training,4,400 in continuing education and 459 new projects in research and development.

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences with its Departments of Technology & Architecture, Economics, Computer Science, Social Work, Design & Art and Music stands for scientifically founded education and research in Central Switzerland. High quality and scientific competence in interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning is one of the outstanding qualities of the university. This is reflected in a wide range of practice-oriented training courses and further education and in research and development.

Professor Uwe W. Shulz PhD, Head of International Relations Luzern University of Applied Sciences Visit To Our Delhi NCR Campus

Ms. Charu Modi Chancellor K.K.Modi University in conversation with Professor Uwe W Shulz, PhD Head of International Relations, Head of Bachelors Program in Energy Systems Engineering School of Engineering & Architecture, Luzern University of Applied Sciences & Arts at our Stratford India Campus during his visit to Delhi NCR


Central Switzerland’s largest educational institution

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences: Statistics


Ranks in the top 12% of universities in the world

In Europe

#572 of 2794

In Switzerland

#14 of 23

In Luzern

#1 of 2

A valued research partner

In 2018, 229 new, externally financed research and development projects started. The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a sought-after partner for other universities, business and the public sector. Cantons, the federal government and research partners supported projects with around CHF 50 million. 

One of the largest employers

With 1,758 employees, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is one of the 15 largest employers in Central Switzerland. 

Alliance Summer Program

Students work in small teams where all members combine their knowledge and experience to find exciting solutions to the challenges posed by the project in your area of expertise. During the course of two weeks, the Alliance Summer School offers a chance to students to develop their \creative thinking, to be a specialist in their field of research and perform Under real-life working conditions.

Students will work across multidisciplinary fields and acquire useful
experience in preparation for the future. This is also a unique possibility to study and visit Switzerland, experience Swiss culture together with students from various countries during various day trips.

KKMU students will have the option to do part of the course and
short-term programs in Switzerland in the area of Engineering. KKMU students can apply for summer programs.


Programs and Degrees

Design | Arts | Humanities Bachelor Architecture and Planning, Business Administration, Design, Engineering, Fine Arts
Business | Politics | Social Sciences Master Architecture and Planning, Art Education, Business Administration, Conducting, Design, Engineering, Finance, Fine Arts, International Business, Marketing
Languages | Culture | Linguistics
Nursing | Health | Pharmacy | Medicine Master of Advanced Studies
Engineering | IT Master of Advanced Studies Architecture and Planning, Business Administration, Design, Engineering, Fine Arts
Maths | Natural Sciences

Programs and Degrees

Master of Science in Applied Information & Data Sciences Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Science Business Administration Bachelor in Information Technology
Master of Science in Engineering Bachelor in international Information technology Management

Benefits To Hochshule Luzern Degrees


Study in the largest educational institution in the heart of Switzerland.


Experience real-world learning


Practice-oriented courses


Works with industry, trade, art, public and non-profit organizations


Graduates enjoy high demand in a wide variety of industries


Modern first class facilities