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Executive MBA in Business Administration

The MBA (Executive) programme at KKMU has been designed for the students with the minimum of 2 years full time work experience after graduation in a registered firm/ company / industry/ educational/ government, autonomous organisations.
This programme has been tailor made for professionals desirous of acquiring a clear advantage in terms of knowledge and skills for their growth and development.

Executive MBA ( 67.5 Credits )

Foundation and Language Courses : 4 Courses*4.5 Credits = 18 Credits

  • COM301 Business Communication
  • HUM201 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • PHL201 Indian Ethos and Mindful Leadership
  • PSY202 The Science of Happiness

MBA Core Courses: Choose any 6 *4.5 Credits = 27 Credits

  • ACC501 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
  • ENT501 Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
  • HRM501 Human Resource Management
  • FIN506 Corporate Finance
  • MGT501 International Business
  • MGT507 Business Transformation
  • MKT502 Strategic Business Marketing
  • QNT201 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
  • RES201 Research Methods
  • TEC511 Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Select any 2 Courses: 02 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 9 Credits

  • FIN601 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • FIN602 Financial Statement Analysis
  • MKT601 Electronic Commerce: Business Models & Strategies
  • MKT602 Influencer Marketing
  • HRM602 Industrial relations and Labor laws
  • HRM603 Performance Management

Internship (Co-op) = 13.5 Credits

  • CAP700 Capstone
  • INT601 Internship/Co-Op
  • INT602 Internship/Co-Op

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