Direct Sales AND Marketing


BBA in Direct Sales & Marketing

Bachelors of Business Administration- Direct Sales & Marketing 129 Credits

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 7 Courses*4.5 Credits = 31.5 Credits

  • ENG101 The Art of Conversation I
  • ENG201 The Art of Conversation II
  • COM301 Business Communication
  • HUM101 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • MTH201 Business Mathematics
  • PHL201 Indian Ethos and Mindful Leadership
  • PSY202 The Science of Happiness

Core Requirements: Choose any 13 Courses *4.5 Credits = 58.5 Credits

  • MGT102 Introduction to Business with Direct Sales
  • ACC101 Financial Accounting
  • ECO101 Business Economics
  • HRM203 Managing People with Direct Sales
  • MGT203 Design Thinking
  • MKT301 Business to Business Marketing
  • MKT102 Sales and Marketing with Direct Sales
  • MKT103 Networking and Building Relationships
  • MKT104 Role of Internet Marketing in Multi-level Marketing
  • FIN306 Financial Management in Network Marketing
  • HRM204 Human Resouce Management in Network Marketing
  • LAW102 Regulatory Framework, guidelines, rules and acts in Direct Sales
  • TEC201 Management Information Systems

Open Electives Interdisciplinary: Choose Two - 02 courses* 4.5 Credits= 9 Credits

  • UOE100/200/300 Open Electives I
  • UOE100/200/300 Open Electives II

Direct Sales & Marketing Specialization – 04 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 18 Credits

  • MKT305 Sales Skills
  • MKT306 Marketing Channels
  • MKT307 Supportive and Critical Factors in Direct Selling
  • DGM304 Managing The Value Of Customer Relationships

Internship (Co-op) – 9 Credits

  • CAP400 Capstone
  • INT300 Internship/Co-Op

Professional Core Courses 06 certifications 0.5 credits = 03 Credits

  • PCC101 Skills for Lifelong Learning
  • PCC102 Environemental Science: Corporate Sustainability
  • PCC103 Harvard Certification - Ethics at Work
  • PCC104 Positive Intelligence
  • PCT101 IBM/Microsoft/Others - Choose Any
  • PCT102 IBM/Microsoft/Others - Choose Any

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