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Every time people talk about artificial intelligence there is a major worry that it will take up jobs and replace people. While answering this question can be hard presently, what can be appreciated is how easy AI has made our lives. From smartphone assistants and GPS tracking to smart cars, artificial intelligence is everywhere today.

Noted colleges or universities like the IIT and KK Modi Universityhave AI courses from the undergraduate to postgraduate level. Students here learn machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. After graduation, they work at improving AI applications and bettering our lives. Why are these jobs so in demand right now? Let us read about the hype about artificial intelligence.

How Can AI Help In The Future?

Discussing the future of artificial intelligence is hard as it is constantly changing every day. The honest truth is that in the future, AI will be everywhere. Let us see some ways in which the journey of artificial intelligence can be captured.

The market for AI is growing

Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept. It has been around for years. From the first programmed Chess game to play with a human being to smart cars, AI has gone through some major changes. A 2019 study by Gartner has shown that there has been a 270 per cent increase in the adoption of AI in all industries in the previous four years. This growth will keep increasing. Any individual who is remotely interested or intrigued by this field should jump into it right now. The world AI market will be in the billions in the coming years. It would be beneficial to be on the right side of this change, on the side that benefits.

AI will become more adaptable

Artificial intelligence will spread out everywhere our eyes can see. From data science and deep learning to more complex worldly issues like climate control and the economy, AI will be able to solve any problem. More and more companies are realising how versatile artificial intelligence is and shaping it to fit their needs. They aim to reduce costs and improve the processes in industries like banking and finance, healthcare and retail among others. As more applications of AI are witnessed, more jobs will be created for AI professionals.

Jobs will become obsolete

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more intuitive, it will start doing more jobs. The bad news here is that over time it will completely take over some jobs. Jobs here refer to more routine and more manual types of jobs. While there will be more jobs in the back end, robots and automated machines will be able to do more human jobs. A movement similar to the industrial revolution will take place. It will force people to be creative and think of new ways of learning skills. However, very few jobs can be fully automated, for others, AI will support their existing work. Employers would also be asked by their employees to upgrade and earn new degrees like B Tech or M Tech artificial intelligence.

Most industries will adopt AI

Artificial intelligence is highly unpredictable. One can only speculate which industries would be the next to take up artificial intelligence. The major recruiters presently are the tech giants like Meta (Facebook), Amazon and Google. However, other companies are catching on to the trend and picking pace. For instance, in human resources, AI is helping professionals filter out applicants based on pre-set standards from a pool of applicants. The sole reason why companies are moving towards AI is that decisions are accurate and faster with fewer errors. Most job roles that will increase in demand in the coming years are in the tech field such as Machine Learning Specialists, UI Designers and Robotics Engineers. Non-tech roles like Marketing and HR will also transition to AI with time.

Demand for AI experts

As it has been established, the movement towards AI and automation is inevitable. It only makes sense for students to make plans to work in it in the coming future. Individuals with the right qualifications like a B Tech Artificial Intelligence are perfect to get a foot in the door to AI. Even a simple and short-term degree like a diploma in artificial intelligence would also be helpful for candidates to carve out a career in artificial intelligence. Currently, the demand for AI professionals is higher than the supply. The lack of enough experts in this field is making the implementation and spread of AI in many companies slow. An online course in the same subject is also acceptable to many recruiters.

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Scope Of Artificial Intelligence

After doing AI courses at KK Modi University, there are countless opportunities waiting outside for students. To get a better grasp of what the coming years would be like with artificial intelligence, let us take the example of a few industries to discuss the scope.

Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence can help healthcare in many ways. From simple documentation to managing medical records and processing payments. Diagnosing diseases can never be done by a machine but for minor symptoms like fever, AI will take over. Presently, AI is already used to perform complicated operations that will continue the trend.

Production: AI in production will make existing processes faster and more precise. It will also make forecasting better. Outliers or anomalies can be quickly detected in the entire production process and removed without much damage. The other most obvious way AI will affect production is the finished product that will be of higher quality. Scraps will be minimised and there will be more yield.

Logistics: Logistics is complicated and involves several pit stops. AI will make the entire process of transportation from start to finish easier. Some jobs that will be affected by AI in logistics include the signing of contracts, negotiation of rates, tracking the movement of cargo etc. As the whole supply chain becomes quick, there is bound to be more profits for all parties.

Retail: Retail is all about market research and studying customer behaviour. Retail companies will now have all information on their customers at the click of a mouse which will help them reach more people. Past purchase information, social media posts and demographic information, all will be available easily. As a result, customers will not have customised products and packages offered to them.

Artificial Intelligence is the future. It is already present everywhere we look. Students must not waste any time and enrol on artificial intelligence courses. Learn the skills and get ready to be a part of a bright future by carving out a career in artificial intelligence and automation.

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