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Are you the one who is wondering what comes next after a PhD? If yes, then you are probably at the right spot. Doctor of philosophy commonly known as PhD. Program is one of the highest degrees offered to a candidate who wants to work in a related field. The title PhD, which means individual research competition in a subject of interest, comes from the Latin phrase “Philosophiae Doctor.” Typically, the course lasts 3 to 6 years. Candidates must hold a master’s degree in any field to enrol in any PhD courses.

There are various institutes and universities in India offering PhD courses and one such University is KK Modi University. KKMU is one of the best private institutes in Chhattisgarh offering PhD course in Commerce. KK Modi University has a wide range of PhD programs to choose from including a PhD in Hotel management, a PhD in commerce, a PhD in accounts, and many more. There are various career prospects after one completes the PhD program. To know more about the career opportunities after the PhD program you can follow the given post.

The Career Prospects of a PhD Holder

PhD is a good option if you are after a stable and rewarding career. A career after the PhD programme completely depends on the Job profile you choose. There are different career prospects relating to each field or domain. A career after PhD in management or Commerce has several paths to choose from. Read more to know some of the best career prospects for a PhD holder.

Scientific Writer

A scientific writer is someone who conducts research and analyses news and trends in the scientific community. These writers may be used for research, publishing in scientific journals, writing press releases, creating material for websites, etc. A scientific writer may make around INR 7 LPA on average.

Associate Professor

Associate professors are used to instructing intermediate courses at several colleges and universities. A PhD or other professional degree in a field of study that is closely related is sometimes held by an associate professor.

Teaching college and university students, assisting them in undertaking appropriate research, attending conferences and seminars relating to their areas or specialities, and lastly overseeing students are all core duties of an associate professor. The average starting salary of an Associate Professor ranges from INR 8.41 to 22.44 LPA.

Research Assistant

Managing data, conducting literature searches, and maintaining the order of project researchers’ papers are all tasks that a research assistant can perform to support research projects.

Working as a research assistant is an excellent opportunity to acquire research methods, gain practical experience, and pave the path for a range of vocations. The average salary of a Research Assistant is INR 4 LPA in India.


Candidates who want to teach in India should enrol in a PhD programme at one of the top PhD institutions in the nation. After the 12th grade, individuals seeking admission as Lecturers are often evaluated based on their performance on PhD. Entrance Exams.

Students can work as Professors and Associate Professors with a PhD. A PhD will help you advance to the position of Lecturer in universities. The average earnings of lecturers in India stand at INR 7.8 LPA.


Students with PhDs are extremely likely to succeed when they enter entrepreneurship since research suggests that entrepreneurial journeys and PhDs are far more comparable than they first appear.

The talents of creativity and research are one area where entrepreneurs and PhDs have a lot in common, in addition to other parallels. Both of these experts recognize a social issue that has to be addressed and create a model to do so.

Therefore, it makes sense that PhD holders would naturally go towards business.

Research Associate

The presenting and research skills you develop during your PhD programme are very important for this employment position since they enable you to do research well.

In addition to collecting, preparing, analyzing, and reporting data, the research associates are also responsible for doing research. Once the problem has been recognized, they work to provide solutions.

Product Manager

Since a PhD allows you to manage multitasking with ease, employers favour PhD holders over other UG PG holders for professions that demand overseeing or handling end-to-end work.

To fill the gap by inventing the product, a product manager must be aware of the demands of the client. They are in charge of improving the product to advance the company.

Product management is regarded as a high-paying field, with average annual salaries of up to 16.3 lakhs. The annual compensation scales from 6.0 lakhs to 35.0 lakhs on average. This pay range may vary depending on several variables, including geographic area, skill levels, experience, and the kind of employer.

Faculty Position (Academics)

Teaching is one of the most popular careers after receiving a PhD, mostly because of the startling similarities between academic work and what is required to get the degree.

Teaching, doing research, and fostering your learned knowledge are all part of the degree practice and teaching. Given that they can teach the material covered in the curriculum and much more, PhD holders making up the faculty seem to be a logical match.

They may introduce their pupils to ideas they might not often be exposed to, which will help them form an open-minded, well-founded frame of mind. In India, a faculty member’s average pay following a PhD is 12.0 lakhs per year.


The ability to retain a lot of data is one of the talents needed to be a consultant. Due to the growing impact of technology in everyday life, many businesses rely on MBA experts and PhD holders for consulting.

Since there is a huge need for specialized expertise in this day and age, PhDs and other advanced degrees enable students to flourish in consulting. Therefore, consulting is a very popular work possibility that may be quite profitable if you have a PhD.

The degree of competence that the PhD holders provide is why the corporations recruit them. They are frequently employed on par with MBA experts. Depending on the businesses, the degree of skill sets, the geography, and other elements, this may change.


If you are planning to pursue PhD in any related field then you must go through the above post to know some of the job prospects after completing a PhD. According to a 2019 study from the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE), the number of PhDs awarded has grown by 60% over the previous five years.

In terms of career chances, earning a doctorate in the selected field of expertise opens several doors for the candidates. The opportunities have grown significantly over time. PhD holders can choose whether to pursue entrepreneurship, gain experience, and then return to academia, where their knowledge and abilities may be used to great advantage.

There are several good institutes in India providing a well-structured program for PhD. KK Modi University brings you the best possible PhD domains to choose from. There are various PhD programs offered by KKMU to help you excel in that particular field. If you are wondering whether to pursue a PhD program then you must give this post a read.

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