Business Administration

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MBA in Business Administration

This MBA degree is without specializations. The degree provides knowledge in key management domains which can work across industries and job profiles thus providing more job opportunities. You will learn essential skills such as critical thinking, bussiness managment and leadership to name a few.

MBA ( 116 Credits )

Foundation and Language Courses : 8 Courses*4.5 Credits = 36 Credits

  • ENG201 The Art of Conversation II
  • COM301 Business Communication
  • MGT201 Business Fundamentals
  • MTH201 Business Mathematics
  • OPS201 Production and Operations Management
  • PHL201 Indian Ethos and Mindful Leadership
  • MGT203 Design Thinking
  • PSY202 The Science of Happiness

MBA Core Courses: 10 Courses *4.5 Credits = 45 Credits

  • ACC501 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
  • ENT501 Entrepreneurship and Venture Management
  • HRM501 Human Resource Management
  • FIN506 Corporate Finance
  • MGT501 International Business
  • MGT507 Business Transformation
  • MKT502 Strategic Business Marketing
  • QNT201 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
  • RES201 Research Methods
  • TEC511 Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Select any Four Courses: 04 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 18 Credits

  • MKT601 Electronic Commerce: Business Models & Strategies
  • MKT602 Influencer Marketing
  • FIN601 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • FIN602 Financial Statement Analysis
  • HRM601 Change Management
  • HRM602 Industrial relations and Labor laws
  • ENT601 International Economics
  • ENT604 Business Plan for the New Venture

Internship (Co-op) = 15 Credits

  • CAP700 Capstone
  • INT600 Internship/Co-Op
  • INT601 Internship/Co-Op
  • COW501 Community Welfare
  • PCC301 ECA&GI Extra-Curricular & General Interest
  • PCC302 Career Preparation Courses /Alumni Mentoring

Professional Core Courses: 4 certifications 0.5 credits = 02 Credits

  • PCC101 Skills for Lifelong Learning
  • PCC103 Harvard Certification - Ethics at Work
  • PCC104 Positive Intelligence
  • PCT100 Advanced Excel/Word Training

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