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Interested in pursuing a career that merges healthcare and technology then studying health informatics is an excellent choice for you. Our program covers all aspects of Healthcare Informatics which translates into a comprehensive portfolio of professional avenues that you can opt for. You will have sound understanding of how information technology, people, health, and healthcare system interrelate, using information technology and information management concepts and methods to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, communicating effectively among healthcare practitioners, administrators, and IT professionals, and understand each of their needs and constraintsthus arming you with next-level knowledge in Healthcare Informatics, as well as the relevant high-level skills employers seek in this area.


Compliance Auditor
Computer and Information Systems Manager
Health Informatics Specialist
Health Records Equipment Software Sales
Healthcare Data Analyst
Management Analysts
Management Consultant
Medical and Health Services Manager
Medical Records Supervisor
Patient Account Specialist
Systems Analyst

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If you aspire to design and implement innovative applications and promote new technologies to improve health care then this is just the right program for you. This program will expose you to areas such as dealing with the resources, devices, and methods required to acquire, store, retrieve, and use health and medical data, electronic accessing of medical records for patients, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, insurance companies, and health information technicians. Through this program you develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills for successfully integrating systems, improving workflow, helping diverse professionals—including nurses, pharmacists, physicians, programmers, project managers, and analysts to work together effectively and making a real difference in the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery and many more key areas in this field in a professional context that will give you the competitive advantage.

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