Healthcare Informatics


Student Work That Goes Beyond The Classroom

If you aspire to design and implement innovative applications and promote new technologies to improve health care then this is just the right program for you. This program will expose you to areas such as dealing with the resources, devices, and methods required to acquire, store, retrieve, and use health and medical data, electronic accessing of medical records for patients, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, insurance companies, and health information technicians. Through this program you develop and strengthen your knowledge and skills for successfully integrating systems, improving workflow, helping diverse professionals—including nurses, pharmacists, physicians, programmers, project managers, and analysts to work together effectively and making a real difference in the quality and effectiveness of healthcare delivery and many more key areas in this field in a professional context that will give you the competitive advantage.

Learn on the Job

Being a student of this program, you will get an opportunity to explore and experience real world scenarios and be armed with essential skills to effectively handle various risks and challenges faced in a dynamic and contemporary business environment. Gain insights from successful professionals, network with talented peers and attend meaningful events to broaden your horizons of learning.

Learn on the Job

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