Computer Application

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MCA in Computer Application

This MCA degree offered by KKMU, the best MCA colleges in Chhattisgarh is without specializations. The course emphasis on latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications. BCA makes a base while MCA adds a specialized touch in the subjects studied in BCA. It is designed for students who are enthusiastic about pursuing their careers in computer-related fields. A MCA degree with strong practical exposure provides a foundation for a career in Computer Applications, Information Technology (IT), and IT-enabled services.

Master of Computer Application (MCA) 119 Credits

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 7 Courses*4.5 Credits = 31.5 Credits

  • ENG201 The Art of Conversation II
  • COM301 Business Communication
  • MGT201 Business Fundamentals
  • MGT203 Design Thinking
  • MTH201 Business Mathematics
  • PHL201 Indian Ethos and Mindful Leadership
  • PSY202 The Science of Happiness

Core Requirement: 13 Courses *4.5 Credits = 58.5 Credits

  • CST505 Advanced Data Communication and Networks
  • PRG504 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm using Java
  • CST506 Automata Theory
  • CST507 Advanced Operating Systems
  • PRG505 Advanced Software Engineering
  • PRG506 Computer Graphics
  • MTH501 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
  • QNT501 Statistical Techniques
  • PRG501 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • PRG502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • CST501 Advanced Network Security
  • CST502 Wireless Computing
  • CST508 Advanced Database Management Systems

Choose any Four Courses – 04 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 18 Credits

  • MOC601 Application Development using Python
  • MOC602 Advanced Web Technologies
  • MOC603 Internet of Things
  • MOC604 Computer Vision*
  • DAL601 Statistics for Data Science
  • DAL602 Optimization for Machine Learning
  • DAL603 Deep Learning
  • DAL604 Communicating Data and Analysis

Internship (Co-op) – 9 Credits

  • APT700 Applied Thesis
  • INT600 Internship/Co-Op

Professional Core Courses 04 certifications * 0.5 credits = 02 Credits

  • PCC101 Skills for Lifelong Learning
  • PCC103 Harvard Certification - Ethics at Work
  • PCC104 Positive Intelligence
  • PCT100 Advanced Excel/Word Training

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