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BCA in Computer Application

This BCA degree is without specializations. It is designed for students who are enthusiastic about pursuing their careers in computer-related fields. A BCA degree with strong practical exposure provides a foundation for a career in Computer Applications, Information Technology (IT), and IT-enabled services.

Bachelors of Computer Application 129 Credits

Liberal Arts and Sciences: 7 Courses*4.5 Credits = 31.5 Credits

  • ENG101 The Art of Conversation I
  • ENG201 The Art of Conversation II
  • COM301 Business Communication
  • HUM101 Critical and Creative Thinking Skills
  • MTH201 Business Mathematics
  • PHL201 Indian Ethos and Mindful Leadership
  • PSY202 The Science of Happiness

Core Requirement: Choose any 13 Courses *4.5 Credits = 58.5 Credits

  • AIM301 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Powered by IBM
  • CLD301 IT Infrastructure Landscape powered by IBM
  • CLD302 Cloud Computing Fundamentals powered by IBM
  • CST101 Database Management Systems
  • CST102 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CST202 Computer Architecture
  • CYB301 Information Security Fundamentals powered by IBM
  • MTH202 Discrete Mathematics
  • MGT101 Introduction to Business
  • MGT203 Design Thinking
  • PRG101 Python Programming powered by IBM
  • PRG102 Data Structures and Algorithms using Java
  • PRG103 Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • PRG104 Software Engineering and Web Development
  • QNT201 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making
  • RES201 Research Methods

Open Electives Interdisciplinary: Choose Two - 02 courses* 4.5 Credits= 9 Credits

  • UOE 100/200/300 Open Electives I
  • UOE 100/200/300 Open Electives II

Common Courses
Choose any four courses - 04 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 18 Credits

  • DAL301 Introduction to Data Analytics
  • DAL402 Predictive Analytics
  • DAL303 Descriptive Analytics
  • DAL304 Big Data Analytics
  • MOC301 Responsive Mobile Platform
  • MOC302 Mobile Application Development Using Android
  • MOC303 Mobile Application Development Using IOS
  • MOC304 Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Internship (Co-op) – 09 Credits

  • CAP400 Capstone
  • INT300 Internship/Co-Op

Professional Core Courses 06 certifications 0.5 credits = 03 Credits

  • PCC101 Skills for Lifelong Learning
  • PCC102 Environmental Science: Corporate Sustainability
  • PCC103 Harvard Certification - Ethics at Work
  • PCC104 Positive Intelligence
  • PCT101 IBM/Microsoft/Others - Choose Any
  • PCT102 IBM/Microsoft/Others - Choose Any

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