Computer Science Engineering

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KKMU is one of the best colleges for MTech in CSE. This M.Tech CSE degree is without specializations. The course will increase your knowledge and qualification in engineering. In this degree program you will learn advance level and research in any domain of computer science.

Master of Technology (M Tech) 73 Credits

Core Requirement: 10 Courses *4.5 Credits = 45 Credits

  • PRG501 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • PRG502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • CST501 Advanced Network Security
  • AIM501 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications
  • CLD501 Cloud Computing
  • MGT203 Design Thinking
  • CST502 Wireless Computing
  • CST503 Advanced DBMS
  • CST504 Distributed Systems
  • PRG503 Advanced Web Design

Select any Four Courses: 04 Courses* 4.5 Credits= 18 Credits

  • CLD601 Advanced Security in Cloud
  • CLD602 Data Center Virtualization
  • CLD603 Cloud Strategy Planning and Management
  • CLD604 Mobile Cloud
  • CYB601 Penetration Testing
  • CYB602 Computational Statistics and Data Mining
  • CYB603 Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • CYB604 Cryptography
  • AIM601 Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
  • AIM602 Soft Computing Techniques
  • AIM603 Big-data Analytics
  • AIM604 Machine Learning Techniques

Internship (Co-op) – 09 Credits

  • APT700 Applied Thesis
  • INT600 Internship/Co-Op

Professional Core Courses 02 certifications * 0.5 credits = 01 Credits

  • PCC103 Harvard Certification - Ethics at Work
  • PCC104 Positive Intelligence

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