Image Processing


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Interested in sensors and sensory processing, multi-camera systems and deep learning in computer vision or being an expert in image processing, video analysis as well as image acquisition and reconstruction or are you for automatic video monitoring biomedical data processing or augmented and virtual reality then this is just the right program for you. This program will expose you to areas such as image and video processing, extracting features from images, linear and nonlinear filtering on images, what segmentation is and how to do segmentation in digital images and much more. Through this program you develop and strengthen your understanding of methods in computer vision, visual imagery and information represented by digital images / simulations and a wide variety of tools – from optimization toolboxes to statistical techniques required for image processing and many more key areas in this field in a professional context that will give you the competitive advantage.

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Being a student of this program, you will get an opportunity to explore and experience real world scenarios and be armed with essential skills to effectively handle various risks and challenges faced in a dynamic and contemporary business environment. Gain insights from successful professionals, network with talented peers and attend meaningful events to broaden your horizons of learning.

Learn on the Job

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