Global leader in business process Management services
Formerly owned by GE, now listed in NYSE
No of employees over 60000
Services in 25 languages on 24x7 basis

Challenges For Employee

The employees preferred an American accredited MBA program
Flexibility of schedule and long work hours
Cost an issue : could not make upfront investments due to other financial commitments
Left Genpact for higher education

High Attrition & Retaining Employees

Attrition 45% approximately
Retention for their employees for a minimum of 2-3 years
Could not promote employees as employees lacked relevant skills

Domain Knowledge in American Insurance System For Client

To land American insurance client and satisfy it that their employees would get American insurance system domain knowledge
All faculty teaching the subject needed to have relevant American insurance credentials

The Solution For Genpact and the Employees

Offered American accredited MBA degrees in General Management, Marketing, HR and Health Insurance from Western International University, Arizona USA and later Stratford University Virginia USA
Took campus to the 3 sites in Delhi, Jaipur, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Bangalore simultaneously.
Engaged faculty in all disciplines of MBA to do face to face in all 5 cities
Offered classes twice a week a Genpact once on the weekend and the other on a weekday
No classes during high pressure months i.e. quarter end / year end closing
Many innovations in tuition & fee with a corporate discount to all students, payment one course at a time, bank loan financing & sponsorship of fees from Genpact on successfully completing the first year

Benefits To Genpact & Employees

92% employees retained for 3 years and 80% promotions during the MBA Program far exceeding customer expectation


Testimonials From Genpact HR Team


"The MBA program conducted by Stratford at Genpact has been very successful. The program has enabled our executives to think critically, gain confidence, develop managerial skills, and strengthen their subject knowledge. The skills gained have enhanced their potential to transform into future effective leaders. The course has embedded quality into their mindset and daily operations. Our attrition rates have gone down significantly during the program. "

Kanchan Neb

Assistant Vice President Genpact
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Genpact Student Voices

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Anil Bhadran

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Annapurna Palai

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Karthigeyan S

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Murli Raj  Avanampudi

Ranju Singh
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Ranju Singh

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Ashwin Grewal

Corporate Case Studies

Learn about our success at Genpact, Mphasis, Godfrey Phillips India and Indofil Industries and how the senior leadership in these companies have taken out courses and know that you too are in the best hands for taking your career forward.