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Navigate the Future of Businesses

Technology and information overcome boundaries – and so does our DevOps program. The shift to mobile computing and telecommuting has resulted in IT playing an even greater role in the future in organizations of all sizes. So how does the modern network architect ensure that today's infrastructure will be capable of meeting tomorrow's business requirements? As a student of our DevOps program you will learn exactly this. You will not only learn to facilitate alignment of development and IT operations with better communication and collaboration but also learn how to improve the collaboration between developers and operators by automating the Deployment, configuration, monitoring, and management of applications. Our curriculum is designed for real-world application by industry leaders with practical experience. You will benefit immensely as you will have opportunities for internships and be exposed to in depth knowledge of the financial world. As students of this program you will have access to experts that will expand your network.

Launch your creative career

A Degree Designed To Make An Impact

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This program is designed to take you beyond the classroom. You will build viable technologies, beef up your cv with projects with real organizations, flesh out viable startup ideas, befriend your future co-founders, meet mentors, build key relationships and most importantly pursue your passion.

DevOps Degree

DevOps degree offered in KKMU.

Turn your passion into profession

We believe that you deserve to live this life with passion and conviction in your choice of career and at KKMU, we encourage you to realize your dreams. Our courses, therefore, are designed to offer critical skills, a knack for team work, discovering new ideas and having a futuristic vision. Discover your passion through our program.

Turn your passion into profession

Jumpstart Your Career With Dual Specializations

Many students choose to take up a double specialization while they are here. You can search for new avenues, harness various creative approaches, and develop a unique, well-rounded career chart — all the while learning in multiple fields and making the best use of the curricula and resources on offer.